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A Nation Of Beggars

March 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Is that what we are now? A country full of people, palms outstretched, dribbling from the mouth as we rave about what is “owed” to us? What we are “entitled” to? Too often, I hear Americans talking about what the government needs to do for them, and what the government owes them. If this is you, stop and listen to yourself. The government doesn’t owe you anything more than what is outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Oddly, I hear more fuss about these entitlement programs than infringements on the things that ARE guaranteed to us. Like the right to privacy. Monitor my phone calls and internet usage all you want, just make sure you don’t touch my welfare check. Those priorities are flawed.

The government didn’t make you poor, and the government didn’t put you in debt. Your own decisions did. Own up and take some responsibility for yourself and your actions. I do understand that there are circumstances that are beyond a person’s control, and bad things happen. However, most people simply cannot claim this is the case, not when they’re honest with themselves. Even for those born in circumstances that stack everything against them, there remains the ability to better oneself. “Well, I’m this way because my dad did this,” or “My parents didn’t do this for me,” or “I don’t know how to do that,” and on and on. Quit with the lame excuses and do something productive. Be your own person, stop blaming everyone else for your problems, and you’ll probably find that you’re able to instead boast of your own accomplishments.

I hear this complaint all the time about how “rich” people need to pay more taxes than “normal” people because they make so much more. Apparently, the average American considers $100,000 a year to be “rich.” It isn’t. I don’t make nearly that much money, and still I know that doesn’t go very far. Besides that, there are some problems with that thinking. You’re saying that someone who chose to go to college or trade school, actually finished, and majored in something like chemical engineering, versus, I don’t know, say psychology, they should be penalized because they worked harder than you. How greedy and absurd can you get? I’m a fan of a flat tax rate, myself, but that’s for another post. Many people seem to have a problem with that idea, though, and if you do, you’re just greedy. Own up to it.

I know someone will read this and the first thing they are going to think is, “Ten percent of what I make is going to hurt me a lot more than ten percent of what they make.” My response to that is, “So what?” They are still paying their fair share. I’m sure they would much rather keep ALL of their money, and find a use for it, the same way you would. Stop being greedy. Or make more money. Or both. Stop making the government more powerful with your laziness and greed. Get out there and do for yourself what you expect others to do for you. If this hit too close to home, there’s probably a reason for it, and you should think about what that is. Wake up.

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